Reduce Cost and Increase Agility with Primary Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

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Case Study: How a Large Multi-national Company Accelerated Incident Response by 93% with Data Visualization, Supply Chain Optimization and Technology Adoption
  • How do you optimize transportation cost in a dynamic environment with demand uncertainties, volatile prices and aggressive competition?
  • What are the key tradeoffs between manual planning versus tools and technology-assisted planning?

This study examines the case of a large, multi-national conglomerate and their adoption of supply chain optimization techniques, tools and solutions to:

  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis to speed up incident response by more than 93%.
  • Significantly reduce manual effort by more than 90%.
  • Eliminate the chance (down to 0%) of overlooking any constraint or sub-optimal solution in their system.
  • Save 1.5%+ of total supply chain cost instead of manual planning.