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Unlocking supply chain profits with total delivered cost

unlock hidden profits in
your supply chain

with total delivered cost accuracy

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What is this ebook about?

This ebook is about Total Delivered Cost(TDC).Total Delivered Cost is the most complete view of supply chain costs from material sourcing to customer delivery.

What will you find inside this ebook?

This ebook provides guidance around the concept of Total Delivered cost.
You will learn:

  • What is Total Delivered Cost (TDC)
  • Methodology to accurately collect and evaluate TDC
  • How to leverage TDC in decision making and drive up your bottom line
  • Examples of how companies applied TDC in decision making to improve profitability by up to 15%

What can you do with this ebook?

  • Apply the learning and concepts of TDC to analyze the real impact of smallest changes in supply chain on your profit margins
  • Correctly interpret TDC insights to execute decisions that unlock hidden profits