Designing Your Supply Chain Network for 2021 & Beyond

How to Optimize Logistical Resiliency in an Age of Global Disruption

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Designing an agile supply chain network always presented unique challenges, which now includes safeguarding against a global pandemic. Despite the urgent need to add flexibility and durability to network design, many supply chain leaders still do so with informal business processes and ad-hoc teams, as well as sub-standard tools, applications and spreadsheets.

This webinar recording is a blueprint for building and strengthening your supply chain resiliency. Learn how you can implement business processes, cross-organizational teams and leading-edge technology to:

  • 1Optimize costs and output by synchronizing decisions, identifying bottlenecks and balancing trade-offs
  • 2Simplify change management by creating a future-state roadmap with scenario comparisons that augment your business acumen
  • 3Reduce risk and uncertainty by anticipating and recovering from disruptions faster

The unprecedented supply chain obstacles in 2020 are not going away, but the solutions necessary to succeed in unpredictable and challenging environments have never been more powerful.


Zahir Balaporia

Sr. Director of Supply Chain Solutions, FICO

Dr. Alan Kosansky

Co-Founder & President, Profit Point

Dr. Baykal Hafizoglu

Principal Consultant of Supply Chain Solutions, FICO